Cannabis Seed Affiliates South Africa

Cannabis Seed Affiliates South Africa

Cannabis seed affiliates earn commission online. Simply promote our products with your unique code and earn 15% on successful sales. This is an ideal opportunity to earn as passively or actively as you like. Our affiliate program offers the opportunity for website owners and social media influencers to earn online.

How our cannabis seed affiliates works

Simply register online for an affiliate account and use your personal dashboard to generate your custom links. Then share the links online where they will be seen by your followers. Our website will automatically track your referrals and successful sales commissions. As soon as you have a nice commission balance, drop us a mail with the banking details. Payment will then be made within a couple of working days. That easy.


We do not recommend our affiliate program if you are inactive online. The more you share the more you are likely to earn. So it is up to you to make the most of it.

Please visit our Facebook page as an example of how actively we market our products. It is also worthwhile doing some homework on affiliate marketing if you are new to it. Here is an excellent article for beginners.