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1 Alpha Feminised Seed

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We took our true breeder, the ETHOS KUSH IBL, and crossed it into the GG4 to help stabilize her in a back cross and help remove intersex traits.

We then crossed the Glue-Dominant pheno back into the GG4, selecting a new filial even more similar to the GG4 but stronger.

One last Bx into the GG4 and we achieved a more stabilized, consistent plant from seed, strongly representing the original cut.

  • Genetics: GG4 x (Ethos Kush IBL x GG4) x GG4
  • THC: 27-30%
  • Total Cannabinoids: Over 30%
  • Flowering time: 63 Days
  • Yield: Yuge!
  • Terpene Profile: Glue, Earthy Chem, Long lasting euphoric, uplifting/relaxed hybrid.