Ethos Genetics – Inzane in the Membrane (6-Pack)


Each pack contains: 6 Alpha Feminised Seed

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Inzane in the Membrane is an intense Sativa hybrid, too potent for most flower smokers.
Face crushing, mind enhancing and motivating Sativa leaning effects. Sofa King much flavor!
She grows like a complete beast, vigorous and VERY tall! Massive yields if properly grown.

  • Genetics:┬áNoneya X Bizness
  • THC: 30-35%
  • Flowering time: 60-70 Days
  • Terps: Loud AF!
  • Yield:┬áINZANE!
  • Morphology Variation: Low
  • Flower Variation: Medium
  • Terpene Profile: Medium


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