Exotic Seeds – Tangerine Kush


Tangerine Kush is a 70% indica strain that was created by crossing an MK-Ultra with a Blueberry/New York City Diesel hybrid strain.

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A medium-yielding plant, between 400 – 450 gr/m2 indoors, and although very indica-dominant genetically speaking, the budding sites appear as clusters of flowers whose internodal length becomes quite stretched during the flowering phase which takes 9 or 10 weeks to complete. It can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. The columnar structure of this marijuana strain really lends itself to Sea of Green (SoG) type grows. Its aroma combines oranges and lemons with a sweet, earthy, Kush quality. Tangerine Kush produces a very high-quality, sticky resin and is particularly recommended by Exotic Seed for butane extractions. It is medically useful and delivers a very relaxing feeling and one which it is better not to pursue activities that require some concentration.


GENETICS MK-Ultra x (Blueberry x New York City Diesel) F5
VARIETY Mostly Indica
SEX Feminised
YIELD 400 gr – 450 gr/m2
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 63 – 70 days
MEDICINAL PROPERTIES General recommendation for medical usage.
TASTE / FLAVOUR Kush, Lemon, Orange
EFFECT Body, Relaxing