T.H. Seeds – Vanilla Sundae 710 Special Pack


Vanilla Sundae by T.H. Seeds is the latest sweet creation to add to the exotic collection of incredible terp profiles made by the team.

The long summer starts early, thanks to T.H.Seeds Vanilla Sundae! The Vanilla Sundae weed seeds are sure to remind you of a long relaxing summers day enriched with tantalisingly sweet & succulent flavours ranging from vanilla blended with sugar cane to a potent creamy lemon hit that is undercut gorgeously by a hint of mint.

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T.H.Seeds have used the notorious Birthday Cake cut originating from the Bay Area as their mother, as she brings that classic creamy lemon cake taste and the structured side branches. The Banana Pudding male adds the exorbitantly sweet vanilla and sugar cane notes, strong branching and brilliant resistance to pests or mould. Vanilla Sundae’s structure is perfectly balanced; she doesn’t grow too wide but regularly grows with a stretch factor of 2-3x and the potential to turn into an outdoor monster! The Vanilla Sundae is not very leafy; consequently, she has a great bud to leaf ratio and perfect internodal spacing, permitting light to pass through maximising growth.

T.H.Seeds advise that the buds should be topped once or twice early and let all the branches develop and defoliate around the second or third week of flowering.

Vanilla Sundae will grow with buds more or less the same size from the bottom to the middle of the plant, and all of her buds grow super dense and have been showered in shining trichomes and stinks of fresh Tahitian Vanilla. The Vanilla Sundae is also easy to manicure thanks to her low number of leaves, and thanks to her flavour and & resin, it is a perfect strain for hash makers and all kinds of legal extractions. They also advise that it is best to dry for a period of 10-15 days at around 60% humidity and 18-19 degrees Celsius before curing in glass jars for 10-15 days.

Vanilla Sundae by T.H.Seeds™ is one of those flavour-filled strains you’ll want to smoke all day, every day, because you can never get enough. Just take a single puff of Vanilla Sundae and the high and her flavours will take you right back to your favourite summer memories, where you feel light, full of bliss and untroubled.

Vanilla Sundae is initially available as a special edition pack that includes 2 free Vanilla Sundae seeds + 1 French Macaron seed giving you 8 seeds instead of 5 whilst stocks last. Each packet is part of a numbered edition ranging from 1-710.


Quantity 8
Sex Feminized
Plant height 120cm – 160cm
Genetics Birthday Cake X Banana Pudding F2
Yield 500gr – 600gr p.s.m.
Indica/Sativa/Hybrid 60%Sativa – 40%Indica
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Taste Creamy Lemon Sundae, Hint of Mint, Vanilla Sugar Cane
Effects Enjoyable, Full Flavor Experience, Mellow Stoned, relaxing body effect