Freedom of Seeds – Chunky Skunk (Single)


This strain is an extremely potent lady and will challenge high tolerant regular tokers with its fast-hitting very strong high She is not for the faint-hearted due to its very high THC production which will be evident from the resin content you will notice forming on the young buds at the very early stages of flowering On top of this potency, you can expect to be rewarded with a ridiculously high commercial yield, requiring good support to the bowing stems of this fat lady, canes and net supports are highly recommended from the very begging of the flowering stage We should have named her Monster Skunk, but we are developing a new Chunky Skunk strain and will be named Monster Skunk which we expect to produce even bigger yields and also expect to be releasing it on to our catalogue very soon So back to Chunky Skunk and its deep strong flavours, which are very sweet and skunky, but there are berries and hashy undertones at play here, which would suggest that we are dealing with connoisseur quality on top of high potency and high yields So if you have the space and the right support in place? this chunky lady is also a very easy plant to grow in just about all environment, inside and out Growing outdoors and in greenhouses support is also highly recommended, and under complete natural sunlight will reach full maturity by mid-October in Europe.

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Breeder Freedom of Seeds
Sex Feminised
Qty 1 Seed
THC content 21 %
CBD content 1
Variety Indica Dominant
Flowering time indoor 120 cm indoors
Plant height outdoors 1.90 meters outdoors
Plant height indoors 8/9 weeks indoors
Flowering time outdoors beginning October outdoors
Yield Indoors 400 grams per 2 metre
Yield Outdoor 750 Grams per plant
Taste Skunky sweet fruity Hashy
Medical properties Cancer, Insomnia, Medicinal Benefits: good appetite, Pain relief, relieves stress and anxiety