Garden of Green – Blue Dream Auto (Single)


Garden of Green’s Blue Dream Auto is an unforgettable rendition of the original Blue Dream strain with an autoflowering twist.

Blue Dream is one of the most renowned cannabis genetics in history, and with Garden of Green’s help, it’s also one of the fastest flowering strains on the block.

Once flowering, Blue Dream Auto finishes at neck-breaking speed — 9-weeks. Unlike feminized strains, Blue Dream Auto isn’t photoperiodic and will flower soon after germination.

Although the myth persists among autoflowering strains, Blue Dream Auto provides over 400-grams of gorgeous buds per meter squared. Additionally, Blue Dream Auto is known to reach over 22% THC.

Blue Dream Auto produces effects that can only be described as utterly euphoric. From intense relaxation to boundless happiness, you’ll be shocked by Blue Dream Auto’s effects. Additionally, Blue Dream Auto is perfect for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

The structure of Blue Dream Auto is ideal for cultivators that prefer the SOG method. Indoors or outdoors — the Blue Dream Auto strain will provide incredible results that will allow you to produce multiple harvests per growing season.

Ready to leave mediocre cannabis strains behind? Your chance to own a legendary Cali rendition is here with Blue Dream Auto.

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Medical benefits: Great for social anxiety, stress relief, and relaxation, also sedative in larger quantities

Genetic Background: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Lineage: Blue Dream x Auto Haze

Yield Indoor: 450g/m2

Yield outdoor: 300g per plant

Flower Time: 9 – 10 weeks

Flower Time: Outdoor all year round in greenhouse

Height: 90 – 120cm

THC 20% CBD 0.5%


LINEAGE Blue Dream X Haze Auto
BACKGROUND Sativa Dominant Hybrid
SEX Feminised
YIELD 400 – 500 g/m²
FLOWERING TIME 9-10 Weeks from seed
THC 20%
EFFECT Cerebral, Euphoric

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Dimensions 25 × 20 cm